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Diljeet bhamra - Tattoo artist

Etch a memory for forever

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It is a band, a game or a car
It is something where age is no bar

It is way beyond any cast or creed
It is your attitude to what you feed

It about him or her or your dear
It is conquering the unknown fear

It is your passion for long you hunted
It never allows anyone to take you for granted

It can be loud or dark
It is vibrant, or it is just a mark
It is a signature that you embark

It speaks, it communicates
Whatever crap, it eliminates

It is not just ink or a piece of art
It is something that sets you apart

They look they blink they stair they wink
When the tattoo is from DJ’Z ink


The origin & the evolution of the “Tattoo”tude



Cartoon or caricature tattoos can be a fun way to pay homage to a person or a pop culture icon that you admire and adore. These can either be a single-color or multi-color renders, often combined by other motifs and elements that add personality and suave to the design. If you have a penchant for the fun and the wacky, a caricature might just do the trick for you.


Many cultures around the world are blessed with rich heritage. Their tapestries and tales have percolated into tattoo culture, and many known sub-genres. Maori, Aztec, Polynesian, Iban, Samoan – the list goes on and on. We have dabbled in almost all these styles in time, and can help you with an original interpretation of any of these tribal motifs. For we understand that your vibe always attracts your tribe.


Photorealistic or portrait tattoos, when done right, are a rare joy to behold. Besides getting the anatomy, proportion and perspective right, portrait tattoos require the amalgamation of other values, like depth perception, shadow play, and other key factors. Having aced at numerous such assignments, we can safely say we can deliver that “picture-perfect” moment for you.


We are all cut from the same cloth, yet, our faith can be expressed in myriad different ways. And what better way to express it than a spiritual tattoo that embodies our belief in the divine. This is one of our main areas of specialisation, for we understand that divinity needs to be mirrored in our very pores.


Sacred geometry is another very popular sub-genre, preferred by those who like a blend of subtlety and sophistication in their tattoos. Characterized by repetitive, recurring symmetrical patterns and motifs, they make for compelling presence while carrying symbolic significance.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and for a good reason too. Ornamental tattoos weave the delicate with the demure, to articulate meaning and beauty. From something as simple as a recurring pattern or a silhouette or a stroke, to a hand-drawn lettering style design, to everything in between, we know how to make the ornamental truly instrumental.

“Excellent work. Very friendly and warm team. This was my first experience and was a bit apprehensive but Diljeet is very patient and understanding. Overall had a great experience and looking forward for more tattoos now”

Mustan Z

“2nd time I'm getting my tattoo done here. As before it was an amazing experience and Diljeet knows his stuff. One of the best tattoo artists out there!”

Kaustabh Mitra

“I am here to share my experience at DJ'Z... This is my 8th Tattoo... And anyone who wishes to get a Tattoo should go check this place... Extremely friendly... Understanding... And will incorporate the suggestions by you... Most of does the most amazing job ever... Thank you🌹.”


“Diljeet is an amazing artist and very friendly by nature. As it was my first tattoo I was nervous about the design and finishing of the tattoo but his work was much better than my expectation..”

Pranjal Anil Jha

“My experience has been amazing... from personal touch to hospitality... from designing to the actual tatoo making... DJ was superb & so was the lady there... felt like I know these guys since long... thank u for making my first experience such a memorable one... U guys rock !!! 💓.”

Sahib Kaur

“I had a great experience with Diljeet Bhamra's septum piercing; it was painless and the needle's poke was barely felt. He also has a very steady hand while tattooing; I have several tattoos from him, and they are all still vibrant and dark years later. Thank you so much for your great art work and skills.”

Sanju Gupta