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They assert that tales are indelibly etched in the fabric of time. These tales have the capacity to alter history itself. And when these tales are woven into the fabric of our being, they do acquire an everlasting, timeless quality. We had no idea that our ten-year journey would bring us to this point when we embarked on our quest to leave a memorable impression through the creation of amazing inked narratives.


We believe that it would transform us from an independent force to a vibrant movement. That would encourage a whole tribe of risk-takers, doers, and believers to believe in us. They had to have faith in our abilities to write stories for them that they would one day treasure forever.



– Diljeet Bhamra – Tattoo Artist

Diljeet has practically been at the center of our ever-expanding tattoo’tude for the past 10 years because of his unmatched knowledge in the tattooing industry. He has carved out a unique position for himself in the galaxy of tattoo artists not just in Pune but across the entire nation. He is a professionally trained artist with an unquenchable enthusiasm for art and ink. The city’s tattoo enthusiasts love him for his incredible designs, and many of them have returned for more.

While he has greatly expanded the range of artistic expression over the years, developing proficiency in a variety of distinctive styles and cultural studies, he has remained as adaptable as ever. He is capable of covering the entire gamut of tattooing, from simple designs to more elaborate, larger pieces, holy geometry, portraits, conceptual works, and tribal patterns. He has upgraded his work to grow in experience and stature, to belong to a unique legion of some of the top tattoo artists in India. He has completed six accredited tattooing courses with prominent artists in India.

DJ’z Ink has evolved from a little tattoo parlor to a revolutionary force, a powerhouse that leaves an immeasurable fantastic mark on lives, which reflects his artistic development. He has more than 4,000 tattoos and has served more than 3,000 clients, and he has established himself as a highly sought-after artist. People adore him for his talent and respect him for the unique, personal touch he gives each of his masterpieces.

Why choose to belong to the tattoo‘tude’?

There are several benefits to choosing us over the generic studios dotted throughout the city. We are what we are because of the intersection of the various talents that only a select handful can even claim. Why do the majority of our supporters vouch for us?

Quality of tattoos

As eternal as our glorious legacy are our tattoos. To ensure that the outcome is nothing short of beautiful and faultless, we only use the best inks and tools. The Quantum Inks are the premium line of inks that are perfect for Indian brown skin, dominating the tattoo market.


Our keen aesthetic sense and in-depth knowledge of the craft of transforming your idea into a stunning design are the elements that truly set us apart from our contemporaries. We believe that tattoos should be enigmatic storytellers. We can give you the best bespoke designs so that it can be a reflection of the carrier's inner soul.


They say the divine is in the details, and we couldn’t agree more. Some intricate assignments, like portraits and conceptual abstracts, demand heavy detailing and precise composition, and in time, we have gained expertise in these skills.


Aided by state-of-the-art technological tools like the latest in the line of “Brother” tattoo stencil printers, an iPad for creating digital virtual tattoos, we are ever-prepared to take on any challenge, no matter how tall an order it is.

“Excellent work. Very friendly and warm team. This was my first experience and was a bit apprehensive but Diljeet is very patient and understanding. Overall had a great experience and looking forward for more tattoos now”

Mustan Z

“2nd time I'm getting my tattoo done here. As before it was an amazing experience and Diljeet knows his stuff. One of the best tattoo artists out there!”

Kaustabh Mitra

“I am here to share my experience at DJ'Z... This is my 8th Tattoo... And anyone who wishes to get a Tattoo should go check this place... Extremely friendly... Understanding... And will incorporate the suggestions by you... Most of does the most amazing job ever... Thank you🌹.”


“Diljeet is an amazing artist and very friendly by nature. As it was my first tattoo I was nervous about the design and finishing of the tattoo but his work was much better than my expectation..”

Pranjal Anil Jha

“My experience has been amazing... from personal touch to hospitality... from designing to the actual tatoo making... DJ was superb & so was the lady there... felt like I know these guys since long... thank u for making my first experience such a memorable one... U guys rock !!! 💓.”

Sahib Kaur

“I had a great experience with Diljeet Bhamra's septum piercing; it was painless and the needle's poke was barely felt. He also has a very steady hand while tattooing; I have several tattoos from him, and they are all still vibrant and dark years later. Thank you so much for your great art work and skills.”

Sanju Gupta

Wear your tattoo‘tude’

– a way of life

An attitude is a collection of beliefs, values, personality traits, and other aspects that together make you who you are. All of those things and more make up a tattoo’tude. With more than 10 years of expertise in the tattoo and body art industries, we take pride in creating transformations that give your dynamic personality a new perspective. We do more than just offer body art, tattoos, and piercings. Because our unique expression articulates all that characterizes your attitude toward life. And according to us, it must be just as exceptional, strong, unyielding, and emotional as you are.
For when it comes to redefining your tattoo‘tude’, nothing ordinary will do. And going the distance is the DJ’z way of life!

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