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Tattoos are fashionable, right? Awesome designs, representations of your personality simply painted on your skin, enhancing your overall appearance? Yes, tattoos are extremely cool!

However, before getting their first tattoo, most people have a lot of questions and concerns. After all, getting a tattoo is a once-in-a-lifetime commitment.

But don’t be concerned. This blog, specially curated by expert tattoo artists at DJ’z Ink, is written for anyone who has questions about getting their first tattoo. This blog will teach you everything you need to know about tattoos, from picking the right design to finding the right tattoo artist and preparing for your first tattoo appointment to knowing how to care for your new tattoo.

Let’s Go!


  1. Choosing the right design & location

Before getting that first tattoo, it is important to select the right design, size, and correct composition in advance. Usually, people start by getting smaller tattoos and gradually move towards bigger designs.

You can take advice from your tattoo artist in deciding on your design to make sure that it compliments the location/body part where the tattoo is been made.

Tattoo designs are usually dependent on the lifestyle, choices, hobbies, principles, motives, and purpose an individual possesses and wants some hint or total reflection of it in their tattoo. On the other hand, there are some people for whom tattoos are sources of aesthetics rather than being meaningful, which is why they go for more casual or lighter themes like cartoons, trending characters, or meaningless designs.

  1. Choosing an expert artist:

Choosing an artist is the most crucial step in getting a tattoo. The right tattoo artist would not only guide you through all the milestones of the process of tattooing but would also put in great efforts to justify the design artwork and make it a masterpiece in their own way. A good tattoo artist will suggest to you the best location and composition for the artwork. You can read about how you can choose the right tattoo artists in the next section of the blog.

  1. Budget 

While getting a tattoo, you need to be more open and adjust when it comes to deciding a budget for your tattoo. Lack of consistent budgets leads to reducing the size of the tattoo as per the budget of the client, which can not only misplace the tattoo but can also disappointing for both the artist as well as you.

You must also remember that there is no such thing as a "standard price" for a tattoo. Each artist has a different rate, which can be determined by the shop's minimum or hourly rate. In any case, you must respect the pricing models of tattoo artists. Tattoos are permanent art and should be considered an investment.

  1. Choosing custom designs over copied designs

Custom designs are much more reliable and easier to commit to. In fact, at every step of designing, the tattoo the artist will be accepting of approvals and rejections of ideas, which is how the final outcome always turns out to be uniquely personalized.

  1. Review and research

Before getting that tattoo, make it a point to do prior research about various aspects such as learning about the artist and the hygiene & sanitary standards at their workspace. Hunting for discount and low prices for ink can be dangerous as one can easily land up in the wrong place where quality and hygiene is compromised.

Another thing one should know before getting a tattoo for the first time is to find the right kind of tattoo artist for the job. But what is the right kind?

The right kind of tattoo artist or studio is the one that has all of the following basic factors-

  • A proper practicing license
  • Proper hygiene & sanitization protocols
  • Expert Artists
  • Good Reviews
  • Rich Experience
  • Well-maintained & properly equipped studio

At DJ’z Ink, we ensure to follow all the basic criteria listed above along with a few extra measures to make sure all our customers are confident about their tattoo decision and go home with a memorable ink.

Remember, selecting the right kind of tattoo artist, especially for first-timers is very important. Hence, make sure you are making the right choice.

  • For how long have you been tattooing?
  • What are your qualifications/ or specializations? 
  • Can I see your portfolio? 
  • Do you guarantee your work? Will there be any touch-ups required?
  • How do you sanitize your equipment? 
  • Do you have latex-free gloves? (This is especially important if you have a latex allergy)
  • What brand of ink do you use?
  • What placement would you recommend for this design? 
  • What aftercare procedure do you recommend?

Every artist has a different method of aftercare for their art piece. Some artists advise different healing ointments to apply, others may advise dry and open healing to allow the skin to breathe, while some may ask for the tattoo to be washed several times a day and moisturized when required.


At DJ’z Ink, we have a premium range of inks that call for exclusive aftercare. In this aftercare process, the heat patches are applied to the tattooed area and the tattoo is healed under the body plasma and fluid, which derives the best result. This is the basic initial treatment for the tattoo for the next seven days.


After the patch is removed, the tattoo heals under open healing treatment. Workout and exercise are supposed to be stopped for the period the heat patch is on, and swimming should also be avoided during this month.

Tattoos are an awesome addition to life. In fact, getting that first tattoo is often a milestone for most people. They are like a well-preserved memory of your personality, thoughts, ideas, and other beautiful elements of life etched on your body. No wonder tattoos are getting increasingly popular with time, with the taboos associated with them also fading away gradually.


So go get that ink! You’ve got nothing to worry about. If you really want to get that tattoo but are afraid of the pain, don’t be. Yes, it hurts for a while but remember that it’s only temporary. If you’ve got your ink the right way, all the pain would definitely be worth it!


However, you must also remember that simply getting a tattoo isn’t enough. You also have to take care of it so that it remains & looks the same way it was when you got it.


So, before making this “commitment”, always remember to do your share of research, properly prep for your appointment, and diligently take care of your new ink. This way you can make the most of this wonderful experience and live on with no regrets.